January 14, 2007

Birds think about eggs...

I did a cute sketch for a "Baby Announcement" card a while back. The project was scrapped before I proceeded with final art. Ever since, the sketch has been sitting unfinished, neglected and unloved. Much like babies in general, actually.

I'm kidding. Relax. Babies have lots of love and non-neglect. Trust me.

Anyway, I finally decided to do finish it. For fun.

fun fact : in it's original context, it wouldn't have been colored like this.

I might do more, but consider it done for now.

If I decide I like it, I might do four colorways and package them as a set of four gift cards.

You could even use them for non-baby related purposes if you so desired. Bam!

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Woah, that's intense.

Good show, sir.