November 16, 2006

Hey. It's an ornament.

I made this for a gift card for DGI Invent!ve. It's a Christmas card.

I added the rounded corners and a little bit of grit and grime for my own enjoyment. The real deal will be cleaner and brighter. Shucks.

hey. look. an ornament.

I'd say it's pretty damn cute. Although I made it in CMYK, and when I converted to RGB it changed the colors a little. They got a tiny bit darker. I'd color adjust it for this blog post, but that's ok, I'll live.

Your monitor's color is probably calibrated all crappy anyway.


November 14, 2006

non-denominational winter celebration greeting #031a

Here's a holiday card I made for DG Invent!ve. It's going on some cards and stationery for boutique-type stores, if I'm not mistaken. And I may be.


The theme was "winter reindeer" which pretty much sums it up.


Also, I think they're adding glitter in production. Yes.

November 6, 2006

anti-prince powder puff.

Immediately after my last post, i got to thinking.... "When was the last time I did something that proved just how bad I am?"

So I went and proved my manhood by drawing a snake. That's right a snake. b-a-d.

Not only that but I went a step further and made it something important to me. If you know me and my philosophies and such, it might make sense. Might. Or not.

this is important. take note.

prince powder puff in the flesh

You may have seen the beginnings of this little guy if you read my A Day in the Life blog.

If not, may I please introduce the Powder Puff Prince.

oh, P.P.P. you're so fresh.

How can a hairy, tattoo-covered, skeletor-ish, red, white and blue-blooded 24 year old man make things like this?

Because he has feelings! Leave me alone! You'll never understand me!

I'm going to screech and slam my bedroom door extra hard tonight.