September 19, 2006

simple therapy.

Today I made this over my lunch. Things have been so crazy busy I have to take any minute I can find to cram in some nice, relaxing personal art.

this is about the seasons. the seasons of the year, that is.

I don't normally do things like this. That is, something that are so simple it really doesn't take any technical skill to execute. I'll admit it.

But simple, minimal things do take other factors to execute that are just as important as skill, if not more so. They take concept, confidence, and an appreciation for the subtle.

Most art that I love is very simple minimal. I personally like to add grit and detail and shine and gloss and all the other things that are really just dressing. Sometimes, though, I see things that are so elegant and so refined and so confident that it makes me stop and think...

...I'm not saying this piece is any of those things. It's just something I did to relax and zone out. And it's just a cute little concept. And hopefully I'll keep working in little pieces of art here and there to keep myself happy and chugging until this storm of a workload subsides.

September 16, 2006

What's the deal?

Well, if feels as though I've been MIA for the last... jeez... I don't know. A long time.

Where have I been? That's a very good question. And I have a very good answer...

Fall 2007 Release
I've been working on an entirely new product line at Dept 56. It's unexplored territory for them, as it's not holiday or celebration related. So we've been feeling out our own way. At a breakneck speed. It's been exhausting, but I've been doing a majority of the product design, so it's cool.

Trend Cards
Trend Cards are a collection of cards Target has on the endcap of an aisle. They are a group of cards that are all in the same style and share a theme.

Diversified Graphics asked me if I'd like to submit a few ideas for their Target pitch. Together Lindsay and I thought up a few themes. We concepted together and then I proceeded with most of the artwork. I made 4 or 5 cards of each theme. Target reviews the mock-ups, and if one of our ideas are chosen, I would create the rest of the cards in the set to fill in an endcap.

Once we had the mock-ups finished, DGI took them to Target. Amazingly, Target chose all of our ideas... Which meant a whole lot more work than I had considered in the first place.

I wrapped up the first two sets of cards this past Monday, the final set doesn't need to be in until much later.

I will post some of the final cards as soon as I get samples...

History Channel Project
I've been hustling to meet the demand for the History Channel web project I'm working on with Invioni. It's coming to a close, and we're making a push to finish up all the artwork as fast as possible, but it's been a major effort. There was a ton of artwork to be completed; it felt somewhat like mowing the lawn with a X-acto at times. But soon it will be all finished and I will link to the project once it's launched....

and I leave you with this....
So while there's a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline, it makes for a boring blog. To make it a little punchier, here's a super cute thing I made in a few minutes between projects to keep myself sane....

It's a super sweet...lemon!

That's it, I'm out.
I'll post updates, links and info when I finally get concrete stuff to show.

September 6, 2006

20 Minutes of Fun...

I am in the middle of three, count 'em three, insane deadlines. Technically kinda four, but one is getting left by the wayside for now...

Anway. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I decided to doodle in Illustrator for 20 minutes, doing whatever I wanted just to keep my brain going.

May I introduce...


and his surly cousin, Hootie-Tootie

p.s. - this post dedicated to Lindsay, who is taking' care of bid-nass far, far away in the Lone Star State. And who likes the words "hootie," "cutie," and "tootie." May you return safely from your travels caring shiny new belt buckles for your pals at Drawl Graphic....