August 22, 2006

Lifenow Radio

I just finished up an illustration for Lifenow Radio, a new podcast that's being developed in a deep dark bunker somewhere on the East Coast. J/K. I don't have alot of info on it right now, so I made that up.

I do know that Lifenow Radio is all about a thoughtful, balanced lifestyle. Ironic they would tap me for the project. Ba-da-bum.

They wanted a woman in a medatative pose listing to an ipod with these images and symbols of peace and love floating out of her head...

this lady is totally listening to an ipod

More info when I get it...

August 17, 2006

Totally Don't Tell (part two)

Last night I was up very late (although not at late as Adam) putting together the mock-up cards and packaging for the show. Prepare to be wowed. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare to be presented with a series of pictures detailing the end result.

front. oooooohhh.

back. aaaaaahhh.

inside. whooooooa.

framed. yaaaaahhh.

Come see the real deal at Density Studios on August 26th.

Also, be sure to check out Adam and Lindsay's blogs to see what they cooked up for the show.

August 16, 2006

OMG. Totally don't tell.

Density Studios has a show coming up at on August 26th, called Art of Design, and Drawl Graphic will be there with all new art to show off in a snazzy way.

It's a design show, so we at Drawl Graphic decided to take the opportunity to make some new cards, to be unveiled at the show, possible for sale shortly after. Glee!

But, internet friends, you know I like you best, so I am going to show you what I made for the show first! Don't tell!

ahhh, the robber. always cunning. always tricky. always dancing the sassy dance of crime....

ahhh, the officer. strong, strong like Justice. serious. serious like one of those court-drama programs on tv sometimes. and vigilant. vigilant like an eagle-hawk baby, if an eagle and a hawk were to have one together for some reason....

ahhh, the packaging. a home for the cards. it folds up into a sweet hinged box, which opens to reveal the 6 cards and 6 envelopes tucked inside. take that, homeless person's ghetto box?

p.s. Are the images too small to see? Hmmm, well, if you click on the images, I have a lingering suspicion they just might get bigger...

So there you have it. Assuming I can secure some scissors and some adhesive, assembled pics to follow shortly...

August 10, 2006

Secret No Longer....

I have been working in hyper-drive on like a brazilian things at once, but I have not been posting any of it.

Everything is all hush-hush and mums the word and the like. That's what you get workin' for the man, tough. Corporate types just don't get it. I swear.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some of it soon... if my schedule allows.

But I can share these! Because they are for me. More specifically they are for a show. But right now they are just drawings to share.

this is the robber. he does that dance with his big nasty guns. he is so rude. a rude dude, as it were.

this is the copper. from his broad shoulders to his svelte waist, he is a shining icon of manliness. his goal is to get that darn robber. he does so with a cowboy-ish gun and some sweet fingerless gloves. also, sunglasses.

Cops and Robbers. Classic.