May 30, 2006

A Magic Show for the Children!

Dear Diary,

I’m totally bummed I’ve neglected you the past couple weeks. I’ve been real busy, honest. Betwixt my new job, compiling the Black and White Book, assembling shirts for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, and frolicking in the warm summer days, there hasn’t been much time for you.

I know, heinous, right? Never mind all the new posts to A Day in the Life..., it’s nothing personal. I can have two best friends, right?

But here’s something just for you; a new piece of art. In progress, no less!

Lindsay thinks its sad and gross, but don’t listen to her. She’s pretty much a baby.

The plan for this is to put into some more awesome color (I like it ok, but I have to see it printed to know where I really stand). It will probably get a more involved background, and once I’m satisfied with everything in Illustrator, I will give it a warm soft texture to snuggle in with some of that Photoshop magic you like so much. That’s when I expect it will really be something special.

Don’t worry Diary; I have a few more art-things that I’m keeping from you right now. But trust me when the time is right, I’ll share it all with you. I pinky-swear.

Until then,
K.I.T. C.A.T.
I had fun in 3rd period Algebra with you, Diary! Stay cool!

May 26, 2006

It's out....

l'etoile spring 2006

L'etoile Spring 2006 just hit newsstands. I've got a bunch of illustrations in there, as well as a sweet pic of myself alongside a nice bio. I'm famous. Check them out here.

If you don't know, now you know.

May 14, 2006

sometimes quitting is ok.....

So I had this idea in my head a while back.... it was a good idea, I think. The birds on a Gun image is what got me excited in the first place. I saw the whole thing being bleak and tonal; whites on a light ground. I went ahead and made it, and when the smoke cleared, it looked a lot like I had imagined.

And I didn't like it very much....

It's hard to say why. Maybe it looked too much like I thought it would from the beginning, and there wasn't the surprise of the final product. Or maybe the drawings themselves were acceptable, but no more, and I should have redrawn a time or two. Or maybe it was a bad idea to begin with...

I knew I wasn't satisfied, and I came back to it and messed around every once in a while. But nothing was any better than what I made in the first place....

So I am just going to throw it out there. This is a process blog, not a success blog, and the whole thing's not bad bad, it's just not to the level I would like it to be. But it's not worth trying to go back and fix anymore. I could have done two new pieces in the time I spend tinkering around with little details.

What's interesting is I didn't just let it go. I know from previous experience that when something doesn't turn out how I want it the first attempt, it is usually better to just move on and let it go. Nit-picking and fussing makes things worse.

Lesson learned.

Until I forget again.....

May 4, 2006 his natural habitat.

here is bigfoot in his natural habitat. oh! he's tying his bigshoes! how majestic.

that's amazing

May 1, 2006

here's these two again....

These are the final versions for the Black and White Book.

click to view large version

click to view large version

Not a huge difference from before, but different all the same.
Huzzah and all that.
Don't think that i am not enthusiastic. but i need some sleep like a....big, um, dude needs.....