October 30, 2006

Orange you glad to see me?

ahh, feels good to sit on an orange mound...

What's different about this piece? Well, it's done by combining a raw drawing with color from Illustrator and scanned texture from Photoshop.

Why? Why you ask?

Shut up, that's why.

Actually it's because I like to color digitally in Illustrator. The colors come out richer and warmer. For me. And I like to use Photoshop to add some grit and filth. All of this i've done before. The difference between then and now is I've left the original drawing in tact over the top.

Future plans for this piece: add to the background with some shapes drawn entirely in illustrator and maybe a little hand-drawn linework; maybe draw on the figure with straight up illustrator; maybe get some crisp illustrator linework in there: maybe some text.... Who knows? It's a test. An experiment. For fun. Let's have some fun then. Agreed? Agreed.

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