September 19, 2006

simple therapy.

Today I made this over my lunch. Things have been so crazy busy I have to take any minute I can find to cram in some nice, relaxing personal art.

this is about the seasons. the seasons of the year, that is.

I don't normally do things like this. That is, something that are so simple it really doesn't take any technical skill to execute. I'll admit it.

But simple, minimal things do take other factors to execute that are just as important as skill, if not more so. They take concept, confidence, and an appreciation for the subtle.

Most art that I love is very simple minimal. I personally like to add grit and detail and shine and gloss and all the other things that are really just dressing. Sometimes, though, I see things that are so elegant and so refined and so confident that it makes me stop and think...

...I'm not saying this piece is any of those things. It's just something I did to relax and zone out. And it's just a cute little concept. And hopefully I'll keep working in little pieces of art here and there to keep myself happy and chugging until this storm of a workload subsides.

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Sara said...

very nice.