August 10, 2006

Secret No Longer....

I have been working in hyper-drive on like a brazilian things at once, but I have not been posting any of it.

Everything is all hush-hush and mums the word and the like. That's what you get workin' for the man, tough. Corporate types just don't get it. I swear.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some of it soon... if my schedule allows.

But I can share these! Because they are for me. More specifically they are for a show. But right now they are just drawings to share.

this is the robber. he does that dance with his big nasty guns. he is so rude. a rude dude, as it were.

this is the copper. from his broad shoulders to his svelte waist, he is a shining icon of manliness. his goal is to get that darn robber. he does so with a cowboy-ish gun and some sweet fingerless gloves. also, sunglasses.

Cops and Robbers. Classic.

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