June 10, 2006

Dudes and brown.

The Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair is coming up and we are bustin' our humps to get ready. Be there or be square.

But I had to take a break to make some new art, because it's been on my mind lately. I've been able to sneak in an Illustrator piece here and there, but I wanted to do an actual drawing and do something grimy. Something fresh and spontaneous. Kinda the opposite of Adobe Illustrator, which is where I've been spending most of my time lately.

who are those dudes? I don't know.

Now that that's done, maybe I can concentrate on what needs to get done.


ha ha j/k.


Jesse said...

Whoa, that's totally weird. It's like it sort of feels like chris hajny, but then it doesn't.

I like it. I am impressed.

Laura said...

Dude. I was getting ready to write some lameass/smartass comment about how I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who those dudes were until I realized that no, I actually do not know who they are.

Thanks for stealing my thunder, Chris.