April 26, 2006

Show me the Munny.

Despite having to work over 30 hours in the last two days, I made the effort to just get this Munny finished. It looks pretty much just like I had hoped, and very much like my original drawing. Maybe the real deal is a little cuter.

He's one cool dude, for sure, but I am most excited about the illustration I am going to do with him, which will be done with the same combination of drawing and photography as my L'etoile Magazine Series.

It should be an effin' ball. But first I have to get him photographed professionally.

So without further ado, I present my complete Munny!* (I wish I would have thought up a sweet name for him, to make this unveiling all the more dramatic... Let's just call him Munnnykins for now.)

I present to you.....MUNNYKINS!

Munny subject to change if I say so. So there, all you Fat Cats in Washington.

UPDATE : Fat Cats in Washington, you got the best of me.... as I was dropping my Little Munnykin off to get photographed, I accidentally touched him barehanded and pulled my finger across his forehead. Munnykin is drawn in a hyper-soft media, and it resulted in smearing his hair into a big blurry fingerprint. And it's impossible to remove or cover; every mark is permanent. So after a little verbal-venting and resisting the urge to bludgeon myself to death with his cute little vinyl self, I am trying to make it fit in and make everything better. Curses.


Jesse said...

I would let that munny sit in my lap, assuming it promised not to piddle on me.

Adam at Drawl Graphic said...

YAHOO! Chris is MY hero! Three cheers for chris!

Yeah, now everyone at home will be even more excited and feverish with anticipation at the full unvailing of our MUNNY's with real photography and totally sweet illustrations!

...so feverish....