April 27, 2006

Munny brings out the Darkside.

Alright, crisis averted. For the better? I think a lot of people will like it more because his fur is thicker and darker. But part of the point was to be on the boarder between ugly and cute. He was kind of cute, but his eyes were buggy and his fur was kinda sparse.

Now he got cuter than intended. His eyes are less buggy since they are less on the front. And his fur is thicker. And heavy hair coverage is pretty than sparse, oily hair coverage. But that's fine, I love cute things. And he IS still grimy.

Ooooooh, the photo is better this time too.

I had wanted you to be able to see each individual hair. And just be grimy and kinda gross. But grimy and cute works for me. I think I like him better. Yes. The extra emotional pain and hours of hand-cramp inducing drawing have been validated.


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Sara said...

I don't think he looks any less creepy/gross/cute than he did before. He does look much more solid and "together" now, and a little bit more like he has five o'clock shadow. I agree the change was for the better. Good job.