April 21, 2006

Cupid of our times.

More black and white. I've been working on a number of pieces at once for the Drawl Graphic Black and White book, so I thought i would share another piece:

This one is vastly different than the last post, obviously. The purpose of this one was to bring a grimier but softer and more spontaneous aesthetic to my Black and White book pieces. I wanted both hands to be evenly represented. I have to sleep on it and see how I like it. It may or may not be done. More to come(?).


Sara said...

I'm curious to see what else you do to it, if anything.

Jesse said...

That dudes arm is bleeding. Maybe he should go see a doctor or something.

Put a bandaid in it atleast.

You are so mean sometimes.

Chris at Drawl Graphic said...

lindsay thought a bird pooped on his arm.

as a mini-update : a few days have passed, and i still like it, more than i did when i posted it. there are a couple thing i need to change or do still, but it's passed the first test.