April 16, 2006

BigFoot?!? More like SMALL-Foot, right?

I thought it might be appropriate to be a little less secretive and show some art I am working on right now. Imagine that; process... in a process blog. Oh snap.

This is a piece that is required to be Black and White. Hence the Black and White nature of the piece.

Phase One is a cute sketch of a Mighty Bigfoot. 'Tis a quick sketch, but it's got some personality, plus as a bonus, it's got some of the mystery and excitement that comes with Bigfoot as a person.

Next up is a illustrator-ed up version, all Black and White and stuff.

So after I do a bit more work on him, I will create his natural habitat. Which will also be very Black and White.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

My yeti would eat your bigfoot with it's adorable sharp teeth of death.

Just sayin'