April 30, 2006

Holy Crap!

Lindsay and I busted our booties to do a collabo-piece for the cover of the Black and White Book. I drew a sketch, Lindsay inked it, and we colored it together.

click it to see it big

Take note, the 18+ on the chest was my deal. It might not make it to the cover. I can live with that.
Also note, this isn't the cover. There will be text and stuff on the cover.

If you want to see the original sketch, you're in luck. Check it here.

: EDIT :
Whist finishing the first one up, Lindsay drew another. So we just kept going and made this one, too.

click it to see it big

This one was drawn and inked by Lindsay, and colored by both of us.

April 29, 2006

My Munny ain't green.

Here's a progress shot of my Munny illustration for the Black and White Book. As always, I reserve the right to change everything, or nothing, by the time i declare it finished. Although the thing that will almost certainly change is the type. I was just playin', girl. I'll probably have some text in there, but i have no idea what right now. And I would do it by hand. But it would still interweave in the circles like that....ya heard.

This is Black and White, no color. There is no color version. There will be a color version eventually, but that's not my #1 priority right now. And by "color version," I mean completely different illustration in color.

Not the same piece in color.

It could be something conceptual and designy. Or it could be more literal with little Munnykins in his imaginary habitat (right now his real habitat is an ironing board that's in my studio for some reason. his imaginary habitat will be more exciting, i swear.) But who knows? It's a mystery.

Special Insight : Right now the type reads "something without you." That means something to me, but I won't share what that is. I guess I'm a jerk like that. But it matters not, so don't lose any sleep over it.

April 27, 2006

Munny brings out the Darkside.

Alright, crisis averted. For the better? I think a lot of people will like it more because his fur is thicker and darker. But part of the point was to be on the boarder between ugly and cute. He was kind of cute, but his eyes were buggy and his fur was kinda sparse.

Now he got cuter than intended. His eyes are less buggy since they are less on the front. And his fur is thicker. And heavy hair coverage is pretty than sparse, oily hair coverage. But that's fine, I love cute things. And he IS still grimy.

Ooooooh, the photo is better this time too.

I had wanted you to be able to see each individual hair. And just be grimy and kinda gross. But grimy and cute works for me. I think I like him better. Yes. The extra emotional pain and hours of hand-cramp inducing drawing have been validated.


April 26, 2006

Show me the Munny.

Despite having to work over 30 hours in the last two days, I made the effort to just get this Munny finished. It looks pretty much just like I had hoped, and very much like my original drawing. Maybe the real deal is a little cuter.

He's one cool dude, for sure, but I am most excited about the illustration I am going to do with him, which will be done with the same combination of drawing and photography as my L'etoile Magazine Series.

It should be an effin' ball. But first I have to get him photographed professionally.

So without further ado, I present my complete Munny!* (I wish I would have thought up a sweet name for him, to make this unveiling all the more dramatic... Let's just call him Munnnykins for now.)

I present to you.....MUNNYKINS!

Munny subject to change if I say so. So there, all you Fat Cats in Washington.

UPDATE : Fat Cats in Washington, you got the best of me.... as I was dropping my Little Munnykin off to get photographed, I accidentally touched him barehanded and pulled my finger across his forehead. Munnykin is drawn in a hyper-soft media, and it resulted in smearing his hair into a big blurry fingerprint. And it's impossible to remove or cover; every mark is permanent. So after a little verbal-venting and resisting the urge to bludgeon myself to death with his cute little vinyl self, I am trying to make it fit in and make everything better. Curses.

April 21, 2006

Cupid of our times.

More black and white. I've been working on a number of pieces at once for the Drawl Graphic Black and White book, so I thought i would share another piece:

This one is vastly different than the last post, obviously. The purpose of this one was to bring a grimier but softer and more spontaneous aesthetic to my Black and White book pieces. I wanted both hands to be evenly represented. I have to sleep on it and see how I like it. It may or may not be done. More to come(?).

April 16, 2006

BigFoot?!? More like SMALL-Foot, right?

I thought it might be appropriate to be a little less secretive and show some art I am working on right now. Imagine that; process... in a process blog. Oh snap.

This is a piece that is required to be Black and White. Hence the Black and White nature of the piece.

Phase One is a cute sketch of a Mighty Bigfoot. 'Tis a quick sketch, but it's got some personality, plus as a bonus, it's got some of the mystery and excitement that comes with Bigfoot as a person.

Next up is a illustrator-ed up version, all Black and White and stuff.

So after I do a bit more work on him, I will create his natural habitat. Which will also be very Black and White.

April 12, 2006

You aren't going to believe this....

Not only have a launched a newly redesigned personal website this week, but now I have gone and created a new blog....

What is this new blog, you ask? Good question. And the answer is as follows:

I created a book called "A Day in the Life" a couple years ago, compiled from drawings I did whilst I was supposed to be working. The drawings were done with reckless abandon, and the result was a stream-of-conscience overview of what I thought about during my down hours at work. Which was mainly potty jokes and self-depreciating self portraits.

Here is the drawing that graced the cover of the very first Volume of A Day in the Life....

A Day in the Life (the blog) was created to carry the torch of the book. It's a place to display all the comics, doodles, and random art that slides through the cracks never to be seen again. It might be updated everyday, or once a month, who knows. There is no plan for this one. But it should be good fun.

A word of warning, in Chris' Sketchbook and on the Drawl Graphic and Hajny websites, I always keep in mind that it's for artists, clients, and the unsuspecting public, and as such is not the place for salty language, strangely erect nipples or penises blatantly flapping the in wind...

That sort of discretion will not be present in A Day in the Life.

Consider yourself warned.

Now, enjoy A Day in the Life.

April 10, 2006

New to you. And everyone else. And me.

Sometimes, you just get bored with the same old thing. That's when you need to go out and get that new Burger you keep hearing about! Or get a new car that is dangerously rebellious! Or get one of them pens that has the crazy glitter ink!

Well, this past weekend, I was bored with the same old thing; my (personal) website. So I redid it. So check out the new www.hajny.com.

April 6, 2006

in the works....

I have been outrageously ill the past week, so I haven't gotten to do much but moan and whine. But today I finally felt well enough to go meet with my friend Wrong Answers. We are working together to come up with some new artwork and imagery for his project. It is going to be pretty awesome. He does very righteous things....alot.

And go be his friend on myspace, if you're into that kind of thing.

edit (10.25.06) :

The Wrong Answers album is out, and you should go buy it right now. You can download it. And it's hilarious. Here's the link one more time. Wrong Answers

Also check C.H.O.W. out....