March 5, 2006

Say "Hi" to the Bad Guy.

If someone adds Drawl Graphic on Myspace, then it's nice to give them a little something to just let them know you care.

So I cooked this up after putting it off for too long.

(give it a click to see it bigger, I know you want to)

Of course the real deal will link directly to Drawl Graphic Central, aka our website.

I think the people who expect the dirtier stuff (namely, my stuff) can relate to the texture and handling up of the type, and someone who is looking for the cuter, lighter side can relate to the color and the softer quality of it.

It's hard to come up with something that pleases everyone, though.

If you don't like it, let me know.... and I will promptly block you from ever leaving comments again.


The graphic was later edited to this:

1 comment:

observateur_silencieux said...

Can I say I like it..??? hahah.. Would you keep me on your comment list alwayz then??

BTW, where are we hiding, after running away from Jesse...??