March 25, 2006

Lets get (Black and White and) Soggy

So after I posted the last post, I felt like working some more on this little fella. But, I felt like switching it up and doing some linework. I have been working a lot on not using any linework in my Illustrator pieces lately, so I thought I would do one, just for kicks. So I did an alternate version, in black and white, perhaps to be used in the upcoming Black and White book Drawl Graphic is putting together.

There will be more to come on this one too, a subtle hint of a background, and some more details on the dude himself and just tweaking of line quality. And maybe put some hats in there. I like hats.

I still stand by my decree. There will be two versions to come. One soft, one black and white (maybe with hats). You just wait and see....

P.S. There is a "G" on the dude's Megaphone because in my mind, he is a "Ghost" with many feelings. You see, in the afterlife, the more feelings you have about things, the more ghosties you will have on your back. Which means this this ghost was a sensitive fellow in his previous life. A previous life that involved being sensitive to feelings. Which means he wasn't that popular with the ladies, because despite what they might say, they all want a tough guy. Go figure.

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Jesse said...

Too bad ghosts dont have hair.