March 1, 2006

El-Producto. A portrait.

If you know anything about independent hip-hop, chances are you know the name El-P. A member of classic hip-hop crew Company Flow, and the founder of the indie label Definitive Jux, El-P one-upped Co. Flow's classic album, Funcrusher Plus, when he released the magnificent solo album Fantastic Damage. In addition to running one of the most consistently stellar labels in music, he also regularly makes the best beats in the business...*

So when I read in El-P's blog that he was looking for people to contribute a portrait of himself, I jumped at the opportunity. I usually stay away from likenesses of people in my work. But I had been tinkering with the idea of doing real people lately, just because. So this was the perfect excuse.


Don't forget to click the image to view it larger.

I had a blast making it. I love it when I can say that in the end.

* my humble opinion.

EDIT:just incase you're too lazy to read the next post, here is a link to El-P's myspace page...
EDIT : 3.11.06
The El-P illustration has been rotated out. But here's some proof....

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