February 22, 2006

Fun with Science. Pt. 1

The other day, I drew an ugly person. This day was like many days for one reason, I draw ugly people often. I like ugly people. Ugly people are like regular people with more character. I also like to draw people who are miserable, bored, or just disaffected. Happy people are just not as much fun, and if make them happy, they are usually insanely, maniacally happy, to the point of being painful.

But, just for fun, I decided to do some normal looking people being regularly happy, just for fun. I gave myself just a few minutes each, so I could just keep them sketchy and wouldn't get hung up on making them perfect or anything. Here are the results.

1) a cute, nymph-ish girl, looking happy, maybe the eyes were a bit much, but happy and kind of cute, right? But she needs a man...

2) so here he is. He's a scruffy, hip and with it dude, healthy and fit, with a 5 o'clock shadow and tastefully tussled hair. Not bad, he might be smiling a bit too hard, and once again, the eyes are probably overdoing it a bit. A strapping young lad nonetheless. But now they need some sort of father figure....

3) whoops. my whole death zombie infatuation got the better of me again. He is a handsome bloke, full of charm and fatherly love, but his eyeball popped out. Well, two out of three ain't bad.

So then I took the girl and do her up Illustrator Style. That's fun. So here is an in progress shot of what she looks like so far.
(psst....I bet if you click the image, you could see it larger! whoa!)

As you can see, a lot has changed. her eyes are open, she got some hastily drawn jewelry, and her hair changed entirely (her barber may have been a bit hasty, so I will see if I can't go in and clean it up a bit).

She is sure to undergo more change by the end of it, so stay tuned! Oh sweet anticipation!

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