December 27, 2006

Look up in the tree!

It's a Partridge!

how'd he get up there?

The latest Holiday card I created for Diversified Graphics Invent!ve. This one's my favorite, but I'll be posting the rest soon.

December 22, 2006

Santa is a thick dude.

Here's a card I did for Diversified Graphics Invent!ve. It's a Christmas card.


More Christmas-type cards to come.

December 4, 2006


Alright, I'm not waiting anymroe. A huge project I tackled with Chris Schons (one talented dude) is pretty much wrapped up. I'll call it Jamestown for now.

It was a huge amount of work from everyone involved. Together we did over 70 illustrations for an upcoming website for the History Channel. Although the site isn't live yet, I thought I'd post a sneak peak. Chris Schons did the drawings, I did the color / texture / finishing touches.

I hope you enjoyed that. I know I did.

November 16, 2006

Hey. It's an ornament.

I made this for a gift card for DGI Invent!ve. It's a Christmas card.

I added the rounded corners and a little bit of grit and grime for my own enjoyment. The real deal will be cleaner and brighter. Shucks.

hey. look. an ornament.

I'd say it's pretty damn cute. Although I made it in CMYK, and when I converted to RGB it changed the colors a little. They got a tiny bit darker. I'd color adjust it for this blog post, but that's ok, I'll live.

Your monitor's color is probably calibrated all crappy anyway.


November 14, 2006

non-denominational winter celebration greeting #031a

Here's a holiday card I made for DG Invent!ve. It's going on some cards and stationery for boutique-type stores, if I'm not mistaken. And I may be.


The theme was "winter reindeer" which pretty much sums it up.


Also, I think they're adding glitter in production. Yes.

November 6, 2006

anti-prince powder puff.

Immediately after my last post, i got to thinking.... "When was the last time I did something that proved just how bad I am?"

So I went and proved my manhood by drawing a snake. That's right a snake. b-a-d.

Not only that but I went a step further and made it something important to me. If you know me and my philosophies and such, it might make sense. Might. Or not.

this is important. take note.

prince powder puff in the flesh

You may have seen the beginnings of this little guy if you read my A Day in the Life blog.

If not, may I please introduce the Powder Puff Prince.

oh, P.P.P. you're so fresh.

How can a hairy, tattoo-covered, skeletor-ish, red, white and blue-blooded 24 year old man make things like this?

Because he has feelings! Leave me alone! You'll never understand me!

I'm going to screech and slam my bedroom door extra hard tonight.

October 31, 2006

New Site.

Oh, hello there... Didn't see you come in.

I've updated my personal site.

I've simplified and streamlined it. I really wanted the work to take front and center, and have it be less about the site itself. So I eliminated a lot of the 'fat'. Also, because the design is so stripped down, it's way easier (and faster) to update, which means more up-to-the-minute work and information for you!

It'll be undergoing constant subtle changes. So keep your eye on the site. It's doubtful it will be as static as the last one.....

Oh, you want a link? Fine.

October 30, 2006

Orange you glad to see me?

ahh, feels good to sit on an orange mound...

What's different about this piece? Well, it's done by combining a raw drawing with color from Illustrator and scanned texture from Photoshop.

Why? Why you ask?

Shut up, that's why.

Actually it's because I like to color digitally in Illustrator. The colors come out richer and warmer. For me. And I like to use Photoshop to add some grit and filth. All of this i've done before. The difference between then and now is I've left the original drawing in tact over the top.

Future plans for this piece: add to the background with some shapes drawn entirely in illustrator and maybe a little hand-drawn linework; maybe draw on the figure with straight up illustrator; maybe get some crisp illustrator linework in there: maybe some text.... Who knows? It's a test. An experiment. For fun. Let's have some fun then. Agreed? Agreed.

October 28, 2006

Happy Hollow-weenie!

The spookiest holiday of all is just around the corner. In honor of this day, I present this scary skull-faced-ghost-thing.

boo! i scared you! i made you poop your pants!

OMG! I just had a nightmare!

October 26, 2006

Wrong Answers. Again.

More Wrong Answers goodness to offer up. I was listening to the album and I was inspired. So I sat down and made this:

go listen. i dare you.

I don't know if it's done or not. It was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. But I felt like posting it, and that's a good indication that it's probably done.

October 25, 2006

Wrong Answers...get!

A while back I mentioned that I was helping Wrong Answers out with some of the art and design for his project (a new album).

It's finally out and you should go buy it right now. You can download it for a amazingly small fee. And it's hilarious. Because it's true. Here's the link one more time. W_R_O_N_G A_N_S_W_E_R_S

And check out C.H.O.W. while you're at it. It's the greater good of which Wrong Answers is a part of.

September 19, 2006

simple therapy.

Today I made this over my lunch. Things have been so crazy busy I have to take any minute I can find to cram in some nice, relaxing personal art.

this is about the seasons. the seasons of the year, that is.

I don't normally do things like this. That is, something that are so simple it really doesn't take any technical skill to execute. I'll admit it.

But simple, minimal things do take other factors to execute that are just as important as skill, if not more so. They take concept, confidence, and an appreciation for the subtle.

Most art that I love is very simple minimal. I personally like to add grit and detail and shine and gloss and all the other things that are really just dressing. Sometimes, though, I see things that are so elegant and so refined and so confident that it makes me stop and think...

...I'm not saying this piece is any of those things. It's just something I did to relax and zone out. And it's just a cute little concept. And hopefully I'll keep working in little pieces of art here and there to keep myself happy and chugging until this storm of a workload subsides.

September 16, 2006

What's the deal?

Well, if feels as though I've been MIA for the last... jeez... I don't know. A long time.

Where have I been? That's a very good question. And I have a very good answer...

Fall 2007 Release
I've been working on an entirely new product line at Dept 56. It's unexplored territory for them, as it's not holiday or celebration related. So we've been feeling out our own way. At a breakneck speed. It's been exhausting, but I've been doing a majority of the product design, so it's cool.

Trend Cards
Trend Cards are a collection of cards Target has on the endcap of an aisle. They are a group of cards that are all in the same style and share a theme.

Diversified Graphics asked me if I'd like to submit a few ideas for their Target pitch. Together Lindsay and I thought up a few themes. We concepted together and then I proceeded with most of the artwork. I made 4 or 5 cards of each theme. Target reviews the mock-ups, and if one of our ideas are chosen, I would create the rest of the cards in the set to fill in an endcap.

Once we had the mock-ups finished, DGI took them to Target. Amazingly, Target chose all of our ideas... Which meant a whole lot more work than I had considered in the first place.

I wrapped up the first two sets of cards this past Monday, the final set doesn't need to be in until much later.

I will post some of the final cards as soon as I get samples...

History Channel Project
I've been hustling to meet the demand for the History Channel web project I'm working on with Invioni. It's coming to a close, and we're making a push to finish up all the artwork as fast as possible, but it's been a major effort. There was a ton of artwork to be completed; it felt somewhat like mowing the lawn with a X-acto at times. But soon it will be all finished and I will link to the project once it's launched....

and I leave you with this....
So while there's a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline, it makes for a boring blog. To make it a little punchier, here's a super cute thing I made in a few minutes between projects to keep myself sane....

It's a super sweet...lemon!

That's it, I'm out.
I'll post updates, links and info when I finally get concrete stuff to show.

September 6, 2006

20 Minutes of Fun...

I am in the middle of three, count 'em three, insane deadlines. Technically kinda four, but one is getting left by the wayside for now...

Anway. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I decided to doodle in Illustrator for 20 minutes, doing whatever I wanted just to keep my brain going.

May I introduce...


and his surly cousin, Hootie-Tootie

p.s. - this post dedicated to Lindsay, who is taking' care of bid-nass far, far away in the Lone Star State. And who likes the words "hootie," "cutie," and "tootie." May you return safely from your travels caring shiny new belt buckles for your pals at Drawl Graphic....

August 22, 2006

Lifenow Radio

I just finished up an illustration for Lifenow Radio, a new podcast that's being developed in a deep dark bunker somewhere on the East Coast. J/K. I don't have alot of info on it right now, so I made that up.

I do know that Lifenow Radio is all about a thoughtful, balanced lifestyle. Ironic they would tap me for the project. Ba-da-bum.

They wanted a woman in a medatative pose listing to an ipod with these images and symbols of peace and love floating out of her head...

this lady is totally listening to an ipod

More info when I get it...

August 17, 2006

Totally Don't Tell (part two)

Last night I was up very late (although not at late as Adam) putting together the mock-up cards and packaging for the show. Prepare to be wowed. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare to be presented with a series of pictures detailing the end result.

front. oooooohhh.

back. aaaaaahhh.

inside. whooooooa.

framed. yaaaaahhh.

Come see the real deal at Density Studios on August 26th.

Also, be sure to check out Adam and Lindsay's blogs to see what they cooked up for the show.

August 16, 2006

OMG. Totally don't tell.

Density Studios has a show coming up at on August 26th, called Art of Design, and Drawl Graphic will be there with all new art to show off in a snazzy way.

It's a design show, so we at Drawl Graphic decided to take the opportunity to make some new cards, to be unveiled at the show, possible for sale shortly after. Glee!

But, internet friends, you know I like you best, so I am going to show you what I made for the show first! Don't tell!

ahhh, the robber. always cunning. always tricky. always dancing the sassy dance of crime....

ahhh, the officer. strong, strong like Justice. serious. serious like one of those court-drama programs on tv sometimes. and vigilant. vigilant like an eagle-hawk baby, if an eagle and a hawk were to have one together for some reason....

ahhh, the packaging. a home for the cards. it folds up into a sweet hinged box, which opens to reveal the 6 cards and 6 envelopes tucked inside. take that, homeless person's ghetto box?

p.s. Are the images too small to see? Hmmm, well, if you click on the images, I have a lingering suspicion they just might get bigger...

So there you have it. Assuming I can secure some scissors and some adhesive, assembled pics to follow shortly...

August 10, 2006

Secret No Longer....

I have been working in hyper-drive on like a brazilian things at once, but I have not been posting any of it.

Everything is all hush-hush and mums the word and the like. That's what you get workin' for the man, tough. Corporate types just don't get it. I swear.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some of it soon... if my schedule allows.

But I can share these! Because they are for me. More specifically they are for a show. But right now they are just drawings to share.

this is the robber. he does that dance with his big nasty guns. he is so rude. a rude dude, as it were.

this is the copper. from his broad shoulders to his svelte waist, he is a shining icon of manliness. his goal is to get that darn robber. he does so with a cowboy-ish gun and some sweet fingerless gloves. also, sunglasses.

Cops and Robbers. Classic.

July 21, 2006

Accidental Genius.

I had to share this. I thought it was awesome.

I was working on the Invioni project, and I accidentally switched off some layers while I was building up the base of my illustration, and I was left with this....

i love this for some reason.

I can't show you what this eventually became yet. But enjoy this for what it is: an accident that titillated my senses.

July 14, 2006

A moment of silence.

I haven't posted in a while. But I've been working on a ton of stuff simultaneously, which is kinda hard. I just can't share it right now.

Most recently I've started a project for Invioni. Once it's done I will post a link to it. For sure, dude.

Unfortunately all my projects are fairly long-term ones, so I can't share much until they are complete.

It makes me sad, like a lonely unicorn on a rainy day. And the rain is made of tiny sad magic potion drops. And the magic is in full-effect for this particular batch. And the unicorn is blue with an Ice Horn.

On a completely unrelated note, here is some art that has nothing to do with anything!

so what if this doesn't have anything to do with anything? it's cute, isn't that enough?

The dotted lines are there so you know where to cut it out. Just incase you felt inclined to do so.

June 28, 2006

A bird, a nest, and some eggs.

I have had a lot of less than exciting work lately. But I did do some somewhat-exciting stationery for a company the other day.

it's a thank you card. with two accent cards.

It's a set, two 2.5" inch square cards and a larger rectange. They will displayed in the box in this layout. Or so I was led to believe.

They might change them by the time they come out in stores, I have no control over them anymore. But for now, here they are. You might see them in stores near you come later this year / early next year. Buy them because they are cute.

I like them pretty well. I do have some alternate plans to make them their own piece, and not a card. So I will do that eventually and be back with the updated version. Then we can compare and contrast. My money says it will be more gritty, less blue and brown, and possibly more sad.

You know how I roll.

June 10, 2006

Dudes and brown.

The Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair is coming up and we are bustin' our humps to get ready. Be there or be square.

But I had to take a break to make some new art, because it's been on my mind lately. I've been able to sneak in an Illustrator piece here and there, but I wanted to do an actual drawing and do something grimy. Something fresh and spontaneous. Kinda the opposite of Adobe Illustrator, which is where I've been spending most of my time lately.

who are those dudes? I don't know.

Now that that's done, maybe I can concentrate on what needs to get done.


ha ha j/k.

June 5, 2006

so sweet....

I was stuck waiting for a minute today, so I made this:

oh snap! that ice cream looks good as all hell!

It's a simple idea i've had in the back of my head for a long time. But never felt like making ice cream. But today I thought it might be fun. And it kind of was. Life's funny like that sometimes.


This is the first version I posted. It is so washed out, I don't know what kind of light I must have been working in.

May 30, 2006

A Magic Show for the Children!

Dear Diary,

I’m totally bummed I’ve neglected you the past couple weeks. I’ve been real busy, honest. Betwixt my new job, compiling the Black and White Book, assembling shirts for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, and frolicking in the warm summer days, there hasn’t been much time for you.

I know, heinous, right? Never mind all the new posts to A Day in the Life..., it’s nothing personal. I can have two best friends, right?

But here’s something just for you; a new piece of art. In progress, no less!

Lindsay thinks its sad and gross, but don’t listen to her. She’s pretty much a baby.

The plan for this is to put into some more awesome color (I like it ok, but I have to see it printed to know where I really stand). It will probably get a more involved background, and once I’m satisfied with everything in Illustrator, I will give it a warm soft texture to snuggle in with some of that Photoshop magic you like so much. That’s when I expect it will really be something special.

Don’t worry Diary; I have a few more art-things that I’m keeping from you right now. But trust me when the time is right, I’ll share it all with you. I pinky-swear.

Until then,
K.I.T. C.A.T.
I had fun in 3rd period Algebra with you, Diary! Stay cool!

May 26, 2006

It's out....

l'etoile spring 2006

L'etoile Spring 2006 just hit newsstands. I've got a bunch of illustrations in there, as well as a sweet pic of myself alongside a nice bio. I'm famous. Check them out here.

If you don't know, now you know.

May 14, 2006

sometimes quitting is ok.....

So I had this idea in my head a while back.... it was a good idea, I think. The birds on a Gun image is what got me excited in the first place. I saw the whole thing being bleak and tonal; whites on a light ground. I went ahead and made it, and when the smoke cleared, it looked a lot like I had imagined.

And I didn't like it very much....

It's hard to say why. Maybe it looked too much like I thought it would from the beginning, and there wasn't the surprise of the final product. Or maybe the drawings themselves were acceptable, but no more, and I should have redrawn a time or two. Or maybe it was a bad idea to begin with...

I knew I wasn't satisfied, and I came back to it and messed around every once in a while. But nothing was any better than what I made in the first place....

So I am just going to throw it out there. This is a process blog, not a success blog, and the whole thing's not bad bad, it's just not to the level I would like it to be. But it's not worth trying to go back and fix anymore. I could have done two new pieces in the time I spend tinkering around with little details.

What's interesting is I didn't just let it go. I know from previous experience that when something doesn't turn out how I want it the first attempt, it is usually better to just move on and let it go. Nit-picking and fussing makes things worse.

Lesson learned.

Until I forget again.....

May 4, 2006 his natural habitat.

here is bigfoot in his natural habitat. oh! he's tying his bigshoes! how majestic.

that's amazing

May 1, 2006

here's these two again....

These are the final versions for the Black and White Book.

click to view large version

click to view large version

Not a huge difference from before, but different all the same.
Huzzah and all that.
Don't think that i am not enthusiastic. but i need some sleep like a....big, um, dude needs.....

April 30, 2006

Holy Crap!

Lindsay and I busted our booties to do a collabo-piece for the cover of the Black and White Book. I drew a sketch, Lindsay inked it, and we colored it together.

click it to see it big

Take note, the 18+ on the chest was my deal. It might not make it to the cover. I can live with that.
Also note, this isn't the cover. There will be text and stuff on the cover.

If you want to see the original sketch, you're in luck. Check it here.

: EDIT :
Whist finishing the first one up, Lindsay drew another. So we just kept going and made this one, too.

click it to see it big

This one was drawn and inked by Lindsay, and colored by both of us.

April 29, 2006

My Munny ain't green.

Here's a progress shot of my Munny illustration for the Black and White Book. As always, I reserve the right to change everything, or nothing, by the time i declare it finished. Although the thing that will almost certainly change is the type. I was just playin', girl. I'll probably have some text in there, but i have no idea what right now. And I would do it by hand. But it would still interweave in the circles like that....ya heard.

This is Black and White, no color. There is no color version. There will be a color version eventually, but that's not my #1 priority right now. And by "color version," I mean completely different illustration in color.

Not the same piece in color.

It could be something conceptual and designy. Or it could be more literal with little Munnykins in his imaginary habitat (right now his real habitat is an ironing board that's in my studio for some reason. his imaginary habitat will be more exciting, i swear.) But who knows? It's a mystery.

Special Insight : Right now the type reads "something without you." That means something to me, but I won't share what that is. I guess I'm a jerk like that. But it matters not, so don't lose any sleep over it.

April 27, 2006

Munny brings out the Darkside.

Alright, crisis averted. For the better? I think a lot of people will like it more because his fur is thicker and darker. But part of the point was to be on the boarder between ugly and cute. He was kind of cute, but his eyes were buggy and his fur was kinda sparse.

Now he got cuter than intended. His eyes are less buggy since they are less on the front. And his fur is thicker. And heavy hair coverage is pretty than sparse, oily hair coverage. But that's fine, I love cute things. And he IS still grimy.

Ooooooh, the photo is better this time too.

I had wanted you to be able to see each individual hair. And just be grimy and kinda gross. But grimy and cute works for me. I think I like him better. Yes. The extra emotional pain and hours of hand-cramp inducing drawing have been validated.


April 26, 2006

Show me the Munny.

Despite having to work over 30 hours in the last two days, I made the effort to just get this Munny finished. It looks pretty much just like I had hoped, and very much like my original drawing. Maybe the real deal is a little cuter.

He's one cool dude, for sure, but I am most excited about the illustration I am going to do with him, which will be done with the same combination of drawing and photography as my L'etoile Magazine Series.

It should be an effin' ball. But first I have to get him photographed professionally.

So without further ado, I present my complete Munny!* (I wish I would have thought up a sweet name for him, to make this unveiling all the more dramatic... Let's just call him Munnnykins for now.)

I present to you.....MUNNYKINS!

Munny subject to change if I say so. So there, all you Fat Cats in Washington.

UPDATE : Fat Cats in Washington, you got the best of me.... as I was dropping my Little Munnykin off to get photographed, I accidentally touched him barehanded and pulled my finger across his forehead. Munnykin is drawn in a hyper-soft media, and it resulted in smearing his hair into a big blurry fingerprint. And it's impossible to remove or cover; every mark is permanent. So after a little verbal-venting and resisting the urge to bludgeon myself to death with his cute little vinyl self, I am trying to make it fit in and make everything better. Curses.

April 21, 2006

Cupid of our times.

More black and white. I've been working on a number of pieces at once for the Drawl Graphic Black and White book, so I thought i would share another piece:

This one is vastly different than the last post, obviously. The purpose of this one was to bring a grimier but softer and more spontaneous aesthetic to my Black and White book pieces. I wanted both hands to be evenly represented. I have to sleep on it and see how I like it. It may or may not be done. More to come(?).

April 16, 2006

BigFoot?!? More like SMALL-Foot, right?

I thought it might be appropriate to be a little less secretive and show some art I am working on right now. Imagine that; process... in a process blog. Oh snap.

This is a piece that is required to be Black and White. Hence the Black and White nature of the piece.

Phase One is a cute sketch of a Mighty Bigfoot. 'Tis a quick sketch, but it's got some personality, plus as a bonus, it's got some of the mystery and excitement that comes with Bigfoot as a person.

Next up is a illustrator-ed up version, all Black and White and stuff.

So after I do a bit more work on him, I will create his natural habitat. Which will also be very Black and White.